Stop worrying about spam filters

“Not viewing your email marketing as content is a mistake.” Chris Baggott

Unless you are running a very dubious business, spam filters are not what is holding your email marketing back.

Even though email is still the channel that delivers the highest ROI, a staggering 80% circa of emails sent by companies is left unopened and, since the emergence of the “mark as spam” features in popular email clients, you should be more preoccupied with how your subscribers interact with your emails than what SpamAssassin think of them.

Yes, there are hundreds of reports about the efficacy of short VS long subject lines, obscure and clever VS crystal clear ones but the likely truth is that however crafty your subject line might be, your subscribers do not open your newsletters because they know already what is inside: a sales pitch.

Look at your own inbox, how many of the newsletters you subscribed to are about time-sensitive sales and unmissable great offers… that can be absolutely missed because they will come around every other week? And how many, from a single business, you receive every week? 3… 4… 7?

“One week only!! Electric Orange Peelers at 50% off”

“Three days left! Electric Orange Peelers at half price”

“Sale ends tonight, now with free shipping on Electric Orange Peelers”

Sure, the ultimate goal IS to make subscribers buy that shiny electric orange peeler… poor Return On Investment otherwise… but… an annoyed subscriber is not a happy customer.

Sales, bookings, subscriptions are what matters to your bottom line but emails can and should also be used to engage, retain and ultimately make your brand come to your customers’ mind – in a positive way – when they are next ready to buy. Their success should not only be measured on the basis of how many conversions they generate.

Engagement metrics matter.

Even a hard seller like Ryanair seem to be acknowledging that (see their recent emails below, with their spots of inspiration).

Is your approach similar? A mix of sale messaging and engaging ones or are you sending bespoke engagement emails regularly?


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