The US presidential race just got more interesting

If you feel as if the 2016 primaries have been on since, well, forever, this news might revive your interest in the campaign.

Captain Obvious, the spokesperson character whose “super power” is to deliver deadpan lines, has announced his candidacy. He will run for the presidency… quite literally. ‘s brand awareness will likely go through the roof with this campaign.

The announcement has been made in perfect style… kind of…


He also has his own website, twitter hashtag #obviouspresident and branded merchandise!!

Beside the consideration that he might actually be a more sensible choice than some of the other real candidates (a list is here), the whole stunt deserves kudos for the effort the team at has evidently put into it. On the website and YouTube, in fact, you can find videos for each of the 50 states where Captain Obvious has been (likely using a green screen) addressing his supporters.


A lovely touch is the “donate” page. Captain Obvious’ campaign is obviously entirely funded by, thus the page incites to donate to three worthy medical charities: St Jude’s Children Research Hospital, American Cancer Society® and American Diabetes Association®. At the time of writing, the donations do not seem to have been a success so whether you like the campaign or not, please consider donating or spreading the word about their amazing work.





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