“Airbnb” in a galaxy far far away

Airbnb disruptive brilliance has been the subject of countless blog posts, some hagiographic…some not very much so.

Whatever you might think of their business strategy, you are likely to think favourably of their website. The comprehensive re-branding the company entrusted in 2013-2014 to the DesignStudio, has left Airbnb with a new logo and a cleaner site (if you would like to take a trip down memory lane, and see the difference for yourselves, you can see screenshots of their homepage since 2009 at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine).

Nowadays you can find many imitations of their business model and design. My favourite, is the (self-defined) stunt from Viget, another creative agency, or better from their innovation lab (Pointless Corp.).

Starbnb, is a neat and clever homage to the original Star Wars trilogy (did I hear you say there is only one trilogy?), launched in December 2015, ahead of the release of the new chapter. In their own words “Users can scroll through rental offerings inspired by the original trilogy, ranging from a well-appointed Cloud City apartment to a snug, lukewarm tauntaun chest cavity. Even better, users can chime in with their own reviews that will appear on the site once a moderation droid approves”.

In each listing there is a profile picture of the host, lovely icons illustrating the main features, star ratings and, obviously, the trustworthy reviews of previous guests.

I think it is a brilliant showcase of the abilities of the agency, from the copy, to the design, to the ability to share on social media.StarBnb_Twitter_Booking

The mini-site has understandably generated quite a buzz and has been featured on Mashable and The Huffington Post.


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